Saturday, 23 July 2016

Roll Out the Barrel

Unfortunately this beautiful hydrangea isn't in our garden. It was by the roadside in the little town of Scaer where we went today.

There was vide grenier (car boot/table top sale) being held in the Espace Culturel Youenn Gwernig. (Youenn Gwernig was a Breton writer, poet, sculptor, painter, musician, singer and television producer. He was also known as 'le grand Youenn').

There were about 50 stalls and we found one little treasure that we both liked!

It needs some TLC but Chris is up for the challenge!

After the vide grenier, we had a wander around the local market and then bought some Scaeroise bread and a couple of pastries from the boulangerie. Then it was time to take Spencer for his favourite 'swimming' walk. He ran on ahead as he was so excited to reach the river!

I had brought along a small picnic consisting of the bread and pastries together with some Port Salut and chutney. Grenadine squash to wash it all down.

We enjoyed our picnic at a table near the river whilst Spencer played in and out of the water.

He was loving every minute.

After I'd finished my lunch, I threw a stick in the water for him to fetch.

Unfortunately poor Spencer cut his paw. We're not sure what on but probably some broken glass on the river bed.

He's alright but we've ordered complete rest and no ball throwing and charging about until his paw has healed.

Poor Spencer!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Looks a lovely spot for your picnic. Poor Spencer, hope his sore paw gets better soon x

  2. Ouch! Poor Spencer! I hope he is all healed by the time you read this. Your lunch and picnic looked so relaxing and that is such a pretty spot! What's Chris going to do to the barrel?


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