Saturday, 30 July 2016

Spot the difference!

Here is a bunch of pretty flowers that our friend Henri picked from his garden for us. Apparently they are very good for bees. I have found out since that the plant is phalecia, sometimes called purple tansy. 

I have planted a hot lips salvia on the corner of the wellhouse.

I have transplanted the remaining three hollyhocks that were in the fruit garden to the little border by the cottage back door.

The godetias are so pretty.

Chris has been working on fitting the wood panelling to the upper part of the sloping ceiling.

He has now completed this part of the ceiling.

I've continued to clean those stones on the living room wall. This is before.....

...and this is after....yes I know it doesn't look that different! But if you look closely there are some stones that are cleaner and brighter than before! Hint: left hand side.

Saturday afternoon I spent sewing together the blocks of this scrappy star quilt top. I started sewing this quilt in January 2015!!

The top is now completed and I will take it home to England to quilt and complete.

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Pretty flowers and especially pretty quilt top!

  2. Agree with Sweet Posy Dreams, your flowers are lovely and your patchwork so colourful and rustic, it will fit in so well with your home. What is the name of the deep red flowers you currently have at the top of your page on your heading, just so pretty ?

    1. Hi Cath, the flowers are monarda/beebalm. I've tried to reply to your comments but your email is a no reply one. Thanks for all your lovely comments. X

  3. A lovely quilt. Aren't you both working hard?!

  4. You guys are really making progress! Look at all those clean stones and your soon to be lovely bedroom! I love your "scrappy" quilts. I am not one to go for the well-planned pattern quilts. I'll take scrappy before them any day!


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