Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A Relaxing Visit from Family

I don't think this place has seen so much activity for a long time. On Monday, we had a lovely visit from Chris's sister, Jan, and her family, Lizzie, Adam, Emily and Edward.

They parked on the driveway and stayed in their caravan so there were no worries about where everyone was going to sleep.

And the nice thing was that everyone was happy to just chill out around the place. 

We had a barbecue under the barn.....

We picked some blackberries and made a clafoutis.....

Chris played his guitar.....

We made the best of the weather which was quite changeable with sunshine, cloud, light showers and a bit of a chilly wind.

Our visitors were very keen to help out. 
Jan, Chris and I cut back some of the brambles at the back. I would like to clear this area and have a herb garden here in the future.

Time wasn't sure about so many people around and kept to himself near the brambles.

Spencer loved every minute as Edward took a shine to him and played games with him all day long. The others were happy playing board games, reading and relaxing.

It was great to eat outside with everyone. 

Lots of chatting and catching up with the odd glass of wine or cider thrown in.

Jan and her family headed off for the coast today. We really enjoyed their visit......we hope they come again!!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. How fun! You are full of hospitality!

  2. What a nice visit! Would love your recipe for the blackberry clafoutis...

  3. You must love sharing your wonderful farmhouse with family. I really like the picture of Chris playing guitar. Your place just gets more charming all the time!

  4. How wonderful to be able to share your lovely home with your family. What great guests to pitch in and help out...that's the kind we all want! LOL!


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