Monday, 15 August 2016

Beautiful Summer

Wow it's been hot these last few days! Beautiful blue skies and temperatures over 30 degrees!

On Thursday, we drove to Castorama in Quimper. We had a pretty hefty list of things to buy including wood, a Velux blind, a stepladder, wallpaper, electric plugs, screws and strimmer line. It was successful trip made easier by being in our motorhome, Harvey J. The reason being that we could do half of our shopping, stop and have lunch in Harvey J, regain energy levels, then do the rest of our shopping. It made what could have been a long and arduous shopping trip into something much more pleasant.

On Friday we were invited to lunch just down the road at Gail and Rod's. We were also joined by their friends, Simon and Helen, who are considering buying a property in Brittany and wanted to hear about our French home buying experiences. It was wonderful sat in the garden having a delicious lunch on such a beautiful day. Afterwards we invited Simon and Helen to pop around to our place and we showed them around. They aren't looking for a renovation project and I think they were slightly shocked at how much work we have to do here!

On Saturday, Henri visited us with his grandson who wanted to meet the goats. Henri brought us some lovely green beans, courgettes, cucumber and a couple of editions of the Central Brittany Journal.

After lunch, we had a visit from another friend and neighbour, Serge. We had a nice chat and catch up in French and he told us the Breton word for 'Cheers'....although we can't remember the word. We'll ask him next time.

On the renovation front, I've been removing the old roses wallpaper in the cottage bedroom. I enjoy this job! It's satisfying!

Chris has been working in the bedroom too, repairing the floor by replacing a sheet of rotten chipboard.

Today it was so hot, we just couldn't work indoors. We found a shady and breezy spot around the back of the barn and started removing some brambles which were covering an old wood pile and some rubbish.

One of my hollyhocks is about to bloom! Looks like a beautiful deep pink.

We took a walk and found they had harvested the oats. Where's my porridge?!

The bees keep on buzzing on the monarda.

We've seen that handsome Mr Toad again!

Beautiful flowers from Jan and family.

Chris found a very large beetle.

The farmers are harvesting the wheat nearby.

It's just a beautiful summer.

 It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Always a pleasure to share your bucolic times there, and the weather looks very fine.
    P.S.I'm certainly no insect expert, but you may want to have someone look at that beetle. If it is a capricorne beetle and inside the house, they can be very destructive.

  2. Thank you. We have done some research and don't believe it is the destructive one. I will post the clafoutis recipe soon! X

  3. Very good to hear! Did not mean to alarm you both unnecessarily. Thanks for keeping the clafoutis in mind. That was a mouthwatering picture in that last post!

  4. I meant to ask you before what is "sugar soap"? Also, I love your new header. What are you using to remove the wallpaper? I love the roses. Did you get wallpaper when you went the other day? Can I see??? Please? I love wallpaper! I would help you if I was there as I'm pretty good at it actually. I'm going to look up clafoutis too because it looked so yummy but still thinking about that salted caramel! LOL!


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