Saturday, 20 August 2016

Cottage Bedroom Progress and Courgette Cake

We've been working hard to improve the cottage bedroom as we have guests coming to stay next week.

One of the bedroom walls is rendered and we decided to paint it. I had already removed the wallpaper, so now I cleaned it thoroughly and Chris filled in any holes and gaps.

I also cleaned the old flue which Chris is going to board up for now.

I then got stuck into the painting.....

....and, over the last two evenings, have completed the two coats required.

During the day, I have been cleaning and painting a further section of the living room ceiling.

Two coats more to do!

Spencer likes to make his bed on the dust sheet!

Chris has been making the frame for the bedroom end wall.......

....and also cutting insulation batts to fit.

Exploring ways to attach it to the sloping ceiling.

He found a way!

We managed to get out for some fresh air and to give Spencer a run.

These young ladies came to greet us at the fence.

Having previously studied the map, Chris took us across a field of stubble to a high point with wonderful views of Les Montagnes Noires.

We've had lots of rain over the last couple of days.....

.....interspersed with blue skies.

I made a bit of time for baking and my quest for good courgette recipes....I made a courgette cake!

I wasn't sure about how this would taste and, whilst baking it, Chris was giving me some doubtful sideways glances!

However it was delicious.....and I really mean delicious.....I will definitely be making it again!

If you'd like the recipe, you may find it here on Organikal. It's a Nigella Lawson recipe.

So lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Chocolate courgette cake is amazing. I am also making courgette ice cream which we are hooked on. Other than that I have bottled masses of ratatouille for winter use and dried at least 60 so far for making soup. Still can't keep up with the amount we have though! Keep well Diane

  2. You guys work SO hard! I love your vision! Yummy. I would like a piece of that scrumptious looking cake.

  3. How nice to have another recipe for a delicious treat. I love your plates. Even if they may be French, I must say that the cake is so very English, it seems to have a personality all its own. Bravo on the painting and framing. It's extraordinary how much you can each accomplish in a day when you are there.

    1. Thanks Kiwi. Actually the plates are English too! X

  4. Things are coming along so nicely. What a pretty walk you had, nice views, sweet cows.

  5. What great progress! The framing looks great and your ceiling is beautiful too. Don't work too hard now. The cake is phenomenal! I had to look up courgettes and in the U.S. they're called zuchinni.

  6. P.S. I actually have that cookbook by Nigella too!


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