Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Don't get caught in the Grease Trap!

My first hollyhock flower......what a pretty pink!

The week started with a slight plumbing crisis. We had a bath that wouldn't empty. 

Chris tried to unblock it using various methods including plunger, lengths of wire and bicarbonate of soda/vinegar solutions.  We have to be careful what we use because of the septic tank. 

The side of the bath had been tiled so to access the bath waste pipes Chris had to remove some of the tiles. The plumbing he found wasn't what he expected with the bath and sink waste joined together and lots of right angled bends!! 

A couple of days on, having resorted to taking a shower in Harvey J, we drove to Castorama to get a 5 metre pipe snake. Thank goodness this did the trick. Now we have squeaky clean waste pipes in the bathroom and Chris has developed his plumbing knowledge!

Another lovely task this week......attending to the grease trap!

For those of you who are not familiar with grease traps, it is a chamber outside the house that captures grease and other debris from the household waste water (but not sewage). 

This is to prevent the grease from entering the septic tank. You are meant to empty it every so often and we realised that we hadn't done it yet....ever! Having never had a septic tank before, it's all a constant learning process!

I think you can see from Chris's face that this was not a job he enjoyed! 

Of course, I stood by giving moral support and uttering words of encouragement such as 'yuk', 'ew', 'oh no' and 'well done' in addition to 'it will be great when we know all that muck has gone' and 'how often will we have to do this?'

I had the more pleasant task of cleaning the Duplo that we had bought at a car boot sale in the Spring. Our grandson Charlie will be visiting next week so I wanted it all scrubbed and clean for when he arrives. It was a nice sunny day so I put it outside to dry off in the sunshine.

The basil I planted is actually looking like basil now!

For tea, I made a Summer Vegetable Tian which uses courgettes. Kind people always give us lots of courgettes and sometimes I struggle to find things to cook with them so I'm trying some new recipes. This was easy to prepare with simple ingredients that you would usually have in. It turned out to be delicious especially served with some tasty bacon!

If you would like to give it a try, you may find the recipe (and better photos!) on Beth's blog, BudgetBytes, by clicking  here.

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. I think I would be saying yuck as well. What do you do with the grease when you have removed it, take it to the dump(tip)? The Summer Vegetable Tian looks delicious, I must go and check out Beth's blog.

    1. Thank you Jan. Yes I think we'll probably take it to the tip. X

  2. Love the pictures of the Basil, it is a plant that always looks so clean and fresh, I can almost smell it. Wonderful.

  3. Ewww is right. What a yucky job. Glad you got the drain working too. Chores never end, do they? Have fun with grandson Charlie!

  4. I have had septic and have one now and I have never emptied a grease trap nor have I ever seen one around. I wonder if we have them in the states? I'll have to look into that. Yucky job but as usual you 2 get through it successfully every time! Brilliant!
    I printed the recipe off and yours looks better than the recipe picture! I'm all for budget healthy meals that taste good! Good score with the duplos....I'm always on the lookout for legos here but fat chance! LOL!

  5. Thank you for these tips, Maggie! I like your way of attending to the grease trap! I also like the Basil and summer vegetable tian. It looks delicious.


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