Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cosy Things

I forgot to show you the beautiful grapes given to us by Pierre and Gabrielle. They grow them in their polytunnel.

They also gave us some fresh lettuce and half a dozen eggs from their chickens.

My little flower bed at the front is beginning to look prettier with a bit more colour appearing.

 The girls down the lane having a nice drink.

We had some hot dog rolls left over so I made a bread pudding. It was delicious but was more what I would call a bread and butter pudding. I made a couple of simple alterations to the recipe - I let the bread soak in the mixture for half an hour or so, added a handful of sultanas and sprinkled demerara sugar on top. Very easy to make and great for leftover bread. Click here for the recipe.....Simple Bread Pudding.

I've enjoyed some sewing. Several years ago I had cut out these large squares of pretty floral fabric with the intention of making some patchwork curtains. I brought them to France thinking I could make something with them. My first thought was a table cloth but I realised I had enough to make a large quilt. So I drew up a simple pattern and sewed them all together.

Here is the completed quilt top....light shining on it from the Velux window. I will take it back to England to quilt (possibly by hand as I find the thought of machine quilting such a large size a little daunting!) and then probably bring it back to France. Nice to make use of these pretty fabric squares at last!

So lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Lots of lovely things happening! Your quilt is very attractive, and the cottage looks as though you are really sorting it out. Happy days!!.

  2. Good for you to piece together a quilt with big squares. As a past quilt maker it was a daunting task to sew together 3" squares. I did machine quilt the layers together. It was very trying on a regular sewing machine.

  3. Glad you got some sewing time in! I love the floral squares and what a beautiful quilt that will be on your bed! The flowers are really lovely and add so much to your farmhouse.


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