Monday, 16 January 2017

New Paint and a Raclette


I want to say thank you for the lovely comments I received on my last's so lovely to hear from you again! And to those of you who read my blog but may be a little shy about leaving a comment....I know you're there.....thank you to you too!

I wanted to make a note of what we hope to achieve this visit:

  • Big bedroom - complete the work we started last summer including flooring, painting, finishing touches to panelling, mouldings to edges, skirting boards.
  • Living room - complete painting the ceiling, paint the wood panelling.
  • Kitchen - install a new kitchen sink, under sink cupboard and worktop.
  • Small bedroom - start renovation, insulation.

We'll see how things go but I think this list may possibly be on the optimistic side especially as we now we have the extra task of making the pantry mouse-resistant. I'm not going to say mouse-proof as I'm not sure that's a possibility!

So we've made a start.

This morning Chris went completely off piste and started making a shelf for the kitchen! Not on the list but very useful as we've lost all the pantry shelving! He was loving getting stuck into the carpentry!

I couldn't wait to paint the bedroom. To start with I had to re-glue some of the edges of the wallpaper.

Last summer I had painted the concrete wall in some blue emulsion that we had bought from the supermarket. The blue was ok but not what I had in mind for this bedroom.

When I opened the new tins of paint, I was worried that the lighter paint was pretty similar to the paint that was already on the wall.

This is it after a good stir.....

But as you can see, the new paint on the right of the wall is very different...much brighter. The original paint colour looks positively grey. It's funny how when put side by side colours that may look similar are actually quite different.

I managed to complete the two coats required and I'm really pleased with the result.

In the evening, we had a social occasion. It was our neighbour Gail's birthday and she had invited us to a raclette evening at her house. She had invited the neighbours from her small village and told us we were close enough to be included as part of the village which we thought was very kind. We had never been to a raclette before and weren't really sure what it was apart from the fact it involved cheese! I did a bit of research and found that it was a meal that consists of boiled potatoes with melted cheese and sometimes cold meats and white wine to drink. There are different machines which may be used to melt the cheese. At Gail's raclette, two machines, similar to the one below, were on the table and everyone had a special handled dish. You put cheese in the dish and put it in the machine which grills and melts the cheese. You then pour the melted cheese on your potatoes.

It was fun evening and very sociable. I think we coped ok with speaking French and although there was much conversation that we didn't understand, it was wonderful just to soak up the atmosphere.

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Ah raclette, definitely one of my favourites! For some reason I always end up eating way too much feeling totally stuffed afterwards, just too yummy ;)
    Sending many greetings your way!!

  2. What pretty paint on your wall! You guys are making such a lovely home there! I have never heard of that cheese machine...very interesting! I love cheese! I can't wait to see the shelf Chris is making.

  3. Keep up the good work you are doing well Diane

  4. What a fun evening that must have been, cheese is always good! You have quite the list of jobs, but I am sure you will get loads done!


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