Friday, 20 January 2017

Pantry and Paint Progress

My goodness it's been cold this week! Below zero temperatures and extreme frosts........accompanied by beautiful clear blue skies. 

We've made some progress this week. We took a trip to the DIY store, Castorama, to buy laminate flooring for the bedroom and a few other things such as some shelving for the pantry. 

We couldn't get everything we needed at the store so we plucked up courage and went to our local builders' merchants. Even in the UK, going to a builders' merchants is slightly daunting and we knew this would be an experience that would test our French vocabulary. Having made our shopping list, we researched the French words beforehand. 

When we arrived at the builders' merchants, it was bitterly cold and the place, even though open for business, was pretty much deserted. We had a look around and luckily we found what we wanted.....some chipboard panels, a bag of sand and Batichaux (a mixture of lime and cement for the stone wall in the pantry). The man in the shop was very friendly and helpful but the man who helped us retrieve our items was rather grumpy and impatient. I put this down to it being so bitterly cold and the fact we'd hoisted him from the warmth of the office!

Later on Chris got to work ripping out the insulation batts on the back wall of the pantry..... reveal the stone wall behind.....

We found some holes where the mice had gained access but it wasn't as bad as we had imagined. Chris will be able to fill the holes with a special lime mortar mixture of Batichaux/sand. I don't know all the technical details of using lime mortar but I know it helps with permeability and flexibility!

I've continued with painting the bedroom. I painted this white papered wall......

....with the lighter blue paint...

.....and then this papered wall.....

.....with the darker blue paint.....I couldn't wait to use this colour!

I was in my element.....I love painting!

And I love this colour!

I'm thrilled with the result although this photo doesn't do it justice. I'll take some better pics when the bedroom's finished.

Nice peaceful view when taking a nap!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Looks like a beautiful, soothing color palette for a bedroom!

  2. Glad the pantry problem wasn't too much of a problem!

  3. Your blues are a very nice choice. The light blue is quite like Tiffany Blue.

  4. It has been cold but think you are colder where you are. Great work being done. We are away on Thursday until March so will do some catching up when we return. A holiday in the sun :-) Diane

  5. Love your colors! Your room is going to be so pretty when you're done!


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