Sunday, 29 January 2017

Seaside Walk and Crochet

On Saturday, we drove down to Le Pouldu. We felt like getting some sea air and giving Spencer a good run on the beach. The forecast was good and we had some lovely sunshine. We invited our friend Maureen to join us and we all had a wonderful day.

Spencer found a friend on the beach to run around with....a young Weimaraner.

Spencer certainly had a good race around!

We had a fabulous walk and caught the best of the weather. When we headed back, it started to rain and we were glad to get back to Harvey J. Soon we were cosy inside, eating our lunch of French bread, cheese and chutney followed by delicious Pains-aux-Raisins!

On Sunday, we sorted, cut and stacked some old wood.

The weather was wet and we deserved a rest so we spent the afternoon with our feet up watching the film The Graduate.

It might have been wet but you can tell it had turned warmer as Max settled outside for a while.

I did some crochet and almost finished my cowl apart from adding a button and sewing in the ends.

I also crocheted a cover for this coat hanger inspired by Amy's post at Love Made My Home.....I think it gives it a cute vintage look!

It was a quick and easy project to do too....a nice 'in between projects' project! The tutorial I followed was by Lazy Daisy Jones and can be found here.

It's been great to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Your cowl is lovely! Looks like a great day at the beach for dogs to run around and have fun and for their humans to walk and watch them too!

  2. It is always good to take in some sea air no matter what the weather, it gives you a real feel good feeling, I am loving the crochet especially the colour, I love to crochet but I dont like big projects anymore, lovely pics makes me want to be there

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day out at the beach. Doesn't look like you'll run out of wood any time soon! Love your crochet.

  4. Happiness is dogs and ponies on the beach. Yes!

  5. Ahhh; riding on the beach is one of my favorite activities!

  6. Looks like a wonderful time at the beach!

  7. That is a beautiful beach and horses.

  8. Great photos and what a fun day for all! Love your cowl and the covered hanger is too sweet!

  9. Very sweet of you to mention about the hanger, I had forgotten about the one I made, so this was a lovely reminder! Thank you!

  10. Oh wow! I love your hanger, I'm so proud that you used my tutorial, thank you very much for the link too. I'm following your super blog on blog loving too!
    with very best wishes Ashley xx (aka Lazy daisy jones)


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