Friday, 3 February 2017

Pot-au-Feu, the Wall and more Paint

Gosh is it February already?!

My photo calendar showing my sons Will and George and myself

This week started on a high as we were invited to the home of our French friends', Pierre and Gabrielle, for a meal. We were also joined by our English friends, Rod and Gail. We had such an enjoyable evening, chatting with our friends (in French and English) and eating good food. Gabrielle had cooked a tasty Pot-au-Feu, a French beef stew which Raymond Blanc describes as 'the quintessence of French family cuisine'. We hadn't experienced this delicious dish before and loved it. 
Pierre ensured we all had plenty to drink! To finish the evening, I was offered a Mandarine liqueur which was sublime!

On the renovation front, in the big bedroom, Chris had noticed that the rendered stone wall (that I had painted recently) was extremely cold. I would have thought it would have been warmer as it backs onto the farmhouse and is not an external wall. Apparently not. The farmhouse is just a shell at the moment so maybe the wall would be just as cold as an external wall. Anyway, after some thought and some 'oh no, I've only just painted that wall...', we decided to construct a frame for attaching a new plasterboard surface which would allow insulation to be fitted in the gap. We would only lose about 3 inches of the room. We had spent time insulating the roof so it made sense to do this and also, even though the farmhouse will be heated and insulated in time, this may not happen for several years. 

So this week Chris has been building the wooden frame. You can purchase metal frames for the plasterboard but Chris wanted to work with wood this time.

Meanwhile I have had my paintbrush out again! Painting the walls in the living room.

Each wall needed scrubbing clean and then two coats of paint.

Chris helped out knocking in any nails that were sticking out.

So nice to get a fresh coat of paint on this wall!

And this one!

Does it meet with your approval, Chris?

In the photos of the room, the colours don't show true. Below are the colour cards. The lighter Rose Satin Slippers is on the ceiling and the other two are on the walls. I was concerned that the darker colour would be too dark but it isn't at all. The room now has a lovely cosy and warm feel.

I had finished painting by the end of the week. Chris and I enjoyed arranging the room together, putting everything into place.

We even have a mirror!

 Whilst all this was going on, the bull was chasing the cows around the field.

......and I made a tasty Shepherd's Pie......

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. As usual you have been busy and your living room looks so warm and cozy after all your work Sounds like you had a lovely meal with your friends. The mandarine liqueur looks very yummy!

  2. What a lovely time you had with your friends and the meal and liquer sound wonderful!
    I love your colors in your living room and how you did each wall in complementary colors. Love your curtains! Sheperds Pie also looks yummy!

  3. Your sons are quite tall and strapping! Would be nice if they could visit your Brittany home soon too. They must miss your shepherd's pie!

  4. All your hard work is paying off now, the rooms look so cosy and welcoming, such lovely colours. Hope that you were traditionally using lamb in your Shepherd's pie, to avoid frightening the cows outside. I love the touches of crochet and patchwork that I've spotted around the home.

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