Monday, 6 February 2017

Village Raclette, Sewing and Kittens

So here I am wearing my new crocheted cowl!

It's no wonder I'm smiling as the night before (Saturday night) we'd attended the local raclette held in the village hall. We went with friends and it was a fun evening. It was great to see the locals all getting together for this feast! The delicious food was similar to the raclette at Rod and Gails' house but the machine that melted the cheese was different. Two local ladies were in charge of machines similar to the one below. A half cheese was placed under a grill and then the lady would scrape the melted cheese onto your plate.

There was a buffet of boiled potatoes and cold meats including ham, salami and the local Andouille sausage:

Attrib: By DocteurCosmos (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

After the raclette, our neighbours, Hélène and Franck, invited us all back to their house for coffee. We all had coffee but we were also offered (and drank) some homemade alcoholic beverages including prunes soaked in 'eau de vie'. They were extremely potent so I sipped mine politely!!

Gail drove us home and Spencer was especially pleased to see us as our friend Pierre had made a doggy bag of meat scraps for him from the raclette!

On Sunday, we decided to have a gentle day. 

In the afternoon, I grabbed my sewing machine and sat at the kitchen table making tote bags.

I had some leftover fabric from the kitchen bench cushions that my Mum and I had made.

I have been watching Debbie Shore's brilliant sewing tutorials on YouTube and followed her tote bag tutorial here.
I didn't appliqué anything on the bags as I thought the fabric was interesting enough.

I was really pleased with them especially as I haven't done much bag making before. It was great to do some sewing...I'd been craving it!

On Monday morning we went to the Mairie to pay our water bill. As always, the ladies were very friendly. We also let them know about a problem with the tap near the water meter and they arranged for the commune engineer to pay us a visit regarding this.

After the Mairie, we popped to see our friends, Henri and Yvette. We had a nice chat, a coffee and chocolate biscuits with Henri. Unfortunately for us, Yvette had gone out for the day to visit their daughter. We'll have to catch her next time.

Henri's old cat had passed away last summer and he now had two beautiful kittens!.....Penelope and Theresa....named after Theresa May, he told me with a wry smile!

Henri told us that he had asked our farmer friend, Serge, to bring him a kitten and several months later Serge had turned up with these two little bundles!

Having been farm cats, they were a bit wild but Theresa didn't object to a cuddle too much.

Henri was keeping them in the kitchen for a few weeks until they become accustomed to their new surroundings.

They seemed to have settled right in!

We never seem to leave Henri's empty handed. I mentioned that I'd like a rhubarb plant in the Spring and he dug a couple up for us there and then. He also gave us some lilac plants and another shrub.

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. So much to love in this post! The fabric in your lovely bags; those beautiful kitties; your sweet and generous friend Henri.

  2. The cheeses and good meats you get there! Yummo! The kittens are darling and is that a C2C scarf/cowl you made? I love C2C fun and easy. It's lovely. I too have been wanting to sew and today may be the day. I am rusty so I may pop over and look at those tutorials you mentioned. Your bags turned out so cute! I've been wanting to make project bags with a zip so Miss Peeps stays out of them! LOL! I have been trying to take 'weekends off' as much as possible since when you are home 24/7 you are never really finished....there's always something to do. So, weekends are for minimal housework and cooking (unless I want to) and other things I enjoy such as sewing or organizing my craft things etc. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Adorable totes and kitties!

  4. Omg, the kittens are soooo cute :)

  5. Lovely tote bag! Thanks for sharing...

  6. Years ago our Swiss neighbor made us raclette. Yum. The tote bags you made are charming, I like the fabric.


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