Friday, 19 May 2017

A Day at the Seaside - Trévignon

Last Saturday, we took a trip to the seaside with our friends, Bob and Val.

We wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been to before and Chris researched and chose Trévignon on the South coast of Finistère.

We had a delicious lunch at the Créperie La Marinière.

We went for a walk out onto the harbour wall and then along the coastal path.

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. It looks like a charming seaside town. Great choice! I haven't stopped by your blog for a while, so I want to say, I love the new header photo! Your flowers are so pretty. I always loved snapdragons as a kid. I still try to make their little mouths open. :)

  2. Such rounded rocks speak to an old coast, unlike our rugged one!

  3. We have just spent a couple of days at Talmont-sur-Gironde on the West coast, it is good to take a break now and and again. Love your photos. Diane

  4. What a beautiful little coastal village. I loved that little boat....very cute!


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