Thursday, 11 May 2017

Springtime in Brittany

So we're back again to some beautiful Spring weather in the Breton countryside.

We've actually been back for 2 weeks already but today has been the first rainy day I've had a chance to sit down and write my blog.

The local farmers are extremely busy at this time of year.....

Beautiful clover......

This farmer was planting the maize crop.....

The tractor attachment lays down these plastic strips at the same time as planting the maize seed.

We have restarted our renovation work. Last time Chris had made the frame for the bedroom wall. Last week we attached the multi-couche insulation.....

....and then Chris fixed it to the wall and fitted the insulation bats. It's certainly going to be toasty warm in there!

He is now in the process of attaching the plasterboard.

I've been painting the bedroom door frame, door and also the hallway ceiling and walls. I'll take some pics when it's all finished.

My herb planter had become very overgrown whilst we've been away so I pulled out the weeds and laid some weed control fabric.

Chris has been mowing and strimming around the garden.

You can see how high the grass had grown.....

I've planted some runner beans, courgettes.....

....and sweetpeas....

......also Canterbury Bells......

......and Godetia......

I've been enjoying baking some rustic bread using some really easy recipes that I will share with you soon....

It's lovely to get back into the wonderful lifestyle we have over here and when the local farmer and his wife bring us fresh milk from their dairy, you know that life is pretty good!

Thank you for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. You must miss France so much when in the UK. Why don't you just stay put. Looking forward to those bread recipes. Take Care Diane

  2. It always looks so beautiful there! How long will you stay this time?

  3. You guys are SUCH hard workers! I get very discouraged when things get overgrown. I get discouraged when the soil isn't moist and loamy, too! I'm a wimpy gardener!
    I am glad you are making such progress and I hope the bedroom IS very toasty!
    The pets look lovely, healthy and happy!
    Take care! It's nice to hear from you!

  4. You have both been working hard, Good luck with the seeds, I hope you have success with the beans, mine are spindly little things right now. Don't forget to share your bread recipes, they look scrummy. Regards Cath.

  5. I am still planting seeds here and just came in from laying some landscape bricks around one of my flower beds. Look at all your progress! What you call 'strimming' we call 'weed whacking' with a 'weed whacker'. LOL! All your work has really paid off and it just gets cozier with each visit. Love the cow pictures and what a genius way to foil the weeds in between the corn. Here they just douse it with chemicals! So awful! Here in the U.S. we are going backwards not forwards....sad to say. Is your rustic bread hard to chew? I had to stop making mine as it was making my jaw sore...yours looks much softer. Hope to hear and see from you soon!

  6. Oh YAY, more posts from your lovely French country home! I'm always struck by the similarities between there and where I live in NW Oregon, USA. I think I see blooming what we call "Scotch broom," a beautiful invasive species. Clover is grown here as well, and grass grows gangbusters this time of year.

  7. Was that your Welcome Committee? ;) I love springtime in the country. Max and Spencer look happy to be back too. I can't wait to see your gardens blooming.


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