Saturday, 12 August 2017

An Apero and Trip to the DIY Store

On Thursday morning we went to the house of our friends, Pierre and Gabrielle. They had invited us to an apero. We had a lovely time chatting in French most of the time with some English thrown in now and again. We often chat to them about wildlife and gardening and this usually results in all of us swapping words in French and English for various species of animals and plants. This time it was the Swallowtail butterfly or queue d'hirondelle, Love in the Mist or nigella and London Pride or saxifrage. Gabrielle commented that we have pretty names for our plants referring to the common names.

On Friday morning, Chris investigated what was in the false ceiling in the bathroom. 

We had always joked about hidden treasure but, rather boringly, he found a rafter and an electric cable. We needed to know if this false ceiling could be removed to allow room for a shower cubicle. It seemed that it would be possible. We then headed for the DIY store in Quimper. We usually go to Castorama but online we had seen a shower cubicle that we liked at Leroy Merlin. As we approached Quimper, we noticed a huge cloud of black smoke in the sky. The traffic came to a standstill and we had to turn back. We checked the news and it turned out that the fire had been at a chicken factory. The poor birds had all perished.

So we tried again on Saturday. This time we arrived at Leroy Merlin. We were pretty impressed by the store which had all the usual DIY supplies as well as some good homewares. We found the shower cubicle we liked but the display model was up on a high shelf so was difficult to assess. It would have been nice to be able to step inside it and check it for size and quality.  

We had lunch in Harvey J in the store car park (What are we like?!) After some discussion we realised that we have to do quite a few other tasks in the bathroom before we can fit the shower. These include replacing the ceiling, hacking off the old tiles, assessing the state of the walls, possibly replacing them, removing the old bidet and sink etc.. We think we will still buy this shower cubicle but have put off buying it for now. It wasn't a wasted journey though as we bought some essential plumbing supplies and of course we had a lovely lunch in the car park!

In the evening, I started sewing my tunic....

....and we noticed there were a few bails in the field. The farmer had bailed the straw that he had managed to cut the other night before the rain had set in.

See you soon!

Maggie xx


  1. I could not live without a shower. We have two 'bathrooms' and both have only showers and no bath! Have a great week Diane

  2. I could not live without a tub! LOL! I can't wait to see your bathroom remodel. I love Harvey J and wish I had one! Your top is going to be darling! Now you're motivating me to sew too. I better get busy! LOL!


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