Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Bathroom, Bedroom and Brambling

I noticed these black caterpillars munching on the nettles. I think they are the caterpillars of the Peacock butterfly.

So the plumber has been and gone. He has installed our toilet and basin as well as a heated towel rail, light, fan and outside tap.

We are very pleased with the bathroom. There are just some finishing and cosmetic jobs to do now including tiling above the basin, painting, boxing in the pipes and flooring. 

As the bathroom is now functional, we have turned our attention to the second bedroom. The cosmetics can wait!

Chris has cut the insulation batts to fit between the rafters.

...and we have started fixing the multicouche insulation on top.

We then started to fix the plasterboard to the ceiling. Not an easy job!

But we did it and then Chris used some of the left over end pieces on the low wall.

Whilst Chris has been cutting and fixing the plasterboard (he calls me when I'm needed!) I have been tackling areas of the garden - the brambles down the bottom by the pear trees, the brambles at the side of the driveway and the overgrown laurel hedge.

There were brambles and bindweed growing around the pear trees and I've cut this all back.

Also we've seen a couple of young adders here this year so we want to create an area of short grass so if they are basking there they will be more visible!

My plan was to be able to strim and mow around and behind the two pear trees and the Bramley apple tree. The gaps between the brambles and the trees aren't quite wide enough yet (next visit!) but we've gained a substantial additional area of grass. Quite rough and tufty at the moment but I'm sure it will improve with time and mowing.

Cutting back the brambles at the side of the driveway is an ongoing task from year to year....

I did a considerable amount of work on this last year. The brambles do grow back but they are only young stalks which are easy to remove. The hard work is in removing the old woody brambles underneath. I enjoy it though and I always pick blackberries at the same time!

I've made a little progress each day.

And we have now gained an extra metre or so! 

I haven't decided definitely but I may plant some shrubs on this bank.

I'll be working on the next metre in due course!

 The herb bed is looking good.

Beautiful 'Schoolgirl' climbing rose peeping round the stone wall.

Oh no! Who's this?!


I am also in the process of digging up an old gorse bush to make way for a flowering shrub by the front gate.

  Cutting back the overgrown had grown to a ridiculous height.  

 What started out as a light trim - I cut some side branches - became something rather more drastic! I decided to cut it down to a manageable height for future years about 4 feet or so. 

It will now be possible to reach and prune the new growth each year.

I'm not a great fan of laurel but it does (did!) provide an element of privacy from the road.


 Indoors, I have made a new cover for my sewing machine....

....and it wouldn't be Brambling in Brittany without blackberries....I made a batch of blackberry jam!

See you next time!

Maggie xx


  1. Hi Maggie! Oh, you've done SO MUCH! It's looking great! The bathroom is elegant!

  2. Good work with the bathroom, ceiling wallboard and brambles. Most contractors use a leveraging device to hold the wallboard up to the ceiling to nail it. Kudos to you two doing it by sheer determination! I love that corner-fitted lavabo for the bathroom too.

  3. So amazing to see how far you have come. I am now thinking about making a cover for my sewing machine to protect it from dust and dirt.

  4. Wow you have done a lot. We love laurel and have a hedge of it surrounding our property, it is very private and we love it. It gets cut every October and that is it. We have just bought the barn across the road from us so there has been lots of work going on there as well. It needed new doors, and there was a second hay floor which was not only too low but it had a lot od rotting wood, big job to get rid of it!
    Take care Diane


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